Our PPA cover truly does set a bench mark for high quality PE provision in primary schools. Delivered by our highly trained professional staff, who create a progressive and structured learning environment for all pupils to achieve success. UK School Sports PE provision takes a teacher based approach to pupil development with differentiation and cross curricular methods featuring regularly in our lessons. Using a plethora of resources ranging from detailed unit frames, lesson plans, task sheets, skill cards and even ipads, we aim to help every child achieve above and beyond what is expected in the national curriculum attainment targets.

Our breakfast clubs are a great way to start your school day. Breakfast clubs begin at 8am for 1 hour before school begins. Specially designed for early morning exercise, our clubs get children focused and ready to learn and most importantly provide schools with additional extended services.
Our lunch time play work supervision provides the perfect opportunity for pupils to truly express themselves and be creative. Using guided discovery our staff will provide children with the equipment and ideas to create their own games and take ownership for their own learning in a relaxed and fun environment.