Focusing on the holistic development of each individual,  Coaching Connexions have brought together the best that both coaching & teaching has to offer to create the most in depth physical education experience using the four corner model:

The delivery of this four corner model includes many teaching methods such as cross curricular teaching, with a big emphasis placed on numeracy and literacy development, examples of which can be found in our detailed unit frames and lesson plans.

In order to achieve success with the individual, Coaching Connexions ensures every lesson is carefully planned to include differentiation strategies that enable each child to work at their own level keeping each child challenged and able to achieve success.

Using the physical education national curriculum staff at Coaching Connexions aim to work towards the levels set out in the attainment targets using the guidelines of the expected key concepts, key processes and content. Through the use of meticulous long term planning Coaching Connexions are able to meet these targets using progressive and structured six week unit frames that truly set us apart from other providers.