We pride ourselves in creating innovative sporting minds, to inspire lifelong participation in sport, to bring sporting opportunity to all corners of the globe and to make a difference.”

Over years we have adjusted our study programmes, tweaking both the ratio of practical sessions to theory sessions, and more significantly, the content of our lessons. With a dedicated Sports Science, Psychology and student support team that contribute to developing the most well rounded, motivated sports students in the sector. Unlike many providers and colleges we embrace and work closely with employers, business and clubs. This is an essential mechanism within our model helps us to not only prepare our learners for their next step, but to serve the needs of the community and business sector more effectively. This innovative approach has paid dividends which are demonstrated by both our data and the observations of experienced professionals who have recently noted in their visits:

We are proud to say that we provide the level of service and quality to our students and players, which, we believe can match any sports provider in the country. To compliment this we are now in partnership with the biggest EFA funded provider in the country,  ‘Armstrong Learning’. This relationship has given us access to a vast amount of resources, experience, facilities and help towards realising our own ambitions.